Susan Wheeler Design at Diamond Foundry

"We create. For creators.
We hot-forge diamonds in our foundry in California.
We cut & polish them masterfully.
We feature them in bespoke pieces of designer jewelry.
The diamond industry has long been linked to human-rights abuses, child labor, ecological destruction, untraceable origin, and cartel pricing. We felt it is time to create a better choice.
We are reimagining the diamond industry from 'mine to finger' by operating a responsible, honest, and transparent business.
We developed a way to hot-forge diamonds under a "Sun on Earth" in specialized plasma reactors. Real jewelry-quality diamond. We partner with -- and empower -- independent master artisans and designers to deliver the finest bespoke pieces of handcrafted diamond jewelry.
Our supporters are creators more than consumers. People who make smart choices that signify quality and meaning over unsustainable convention."
-Diamond Foundry

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