About Susan Wheeler


"I enjoy giving a piece of jewelry to a friend, knowing what they love and being able to give that love a tangible expression. I consider that the art of jewelry design."

In melding modern and traditional design qualities, Susan is able to create timeless jewelry and accessories. The nature of the Northern Michigan woods and the urban lifestyle of Chicago are major influences in her collections. Susan lives in a bustling household in Chicago with her husband, two young boys, a baby girl, two dogs, a cat, a bird, and a turtle.

The Artisan Bridal and One of a Kind are Susan's newest collections. The textures are made as naturally as the textures in surfaces we find in nature.  The earth drying in the sun, the bark of a tree crackling with growth or the smoothing of a stone in the river.

In Kindergarten, Susan won her first award in art.  It was a tin embossing of an elephant.   But it was a long journey before she returned to her early metal-smithing roots.

Susan began in Fine Arts and Art History in college and continued on to work on an MFA in Fiction Writing.  She edited a Poetry magazine and read her work at Art Galleries and the MCA in Chicago.

Once entrenched in jewelry, Susan began her quest for a truly unique texture.  Other jewelry designers were hammering metals, designing their own hammers and carving texture into wax.  At the beginning of metal clays, Susan began to experiment.  By letting a very primitive clay compound dry naturally she found her own truly unique texture. The signature texture was soon married to the best new gems, with a focus on ethical sourcing.

Susan is committed to the highest quality, always.  Her signature  texture dictates that the gold in Susan Wheeler jewelry will be substantial.   Susan Wheeler jewelry will always be 18 karat gold and you will not see the jewelry remade with silver elements or versions.  

Susan Wheeler jewelry is 18 carat fairmined gold and recycled platinum and is handmade in Chicago.