The Buyers Guide to Ethical Diamonds


Options In Buying Ethical Diamonds by Susan Wheeler

You can buy a diamond that you love and feel good about buying.  There are many different options to ethical diamond buying.    The current diamond market is exciting because it allows you to choose form many out of the box options that are ethical in both labour practices and environmental effect.   You can also think out of the box  aesthetically when buying diamonds because diamonds are not limited to the round white full cut diamonds. The modern diamonds can be artisan mined, vintage diamonds and even small batch hand made diamonds.  Diamonds come in all shapes and colors, I find them all beautiful. 

My jewelry design has a direct effect on many developing countries and so does your purchase of jewelry.  I don't know all of the answers to everything in the diamond industry but I always ask.   I offer a number of alternatives when it comes to sourcing diamonds for your jewellery.


Diamonds from conflict-free zones

99% of diamonds available are from conflict-free zones. These diamonds are from countries where there is no war or fighting against the government. For example: 

  • Botswana
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • Zimbabwe
  • Canada – diamond mines opened since 1990s. 

I am able to acquire Certified Canadian diamonds and some certified Australian diamonds upon request.



Check for Certification

You can ensure that the diamonds that you want are ethical. Any reputable jeweller should be able to provide you with the history of a diamond and guarantee that it’s from conflict-free zone. By asking to see the System of Warranties statement for the diamond, then you confirm that they are telling the truth. Check out to see examples of this. 

Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

Since 2002 there has been a system in place that is aimed at ending diamond trading for questionable means. Outlining requirements and regulations, the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme ensures that only diamonds that have been mined and shipped in a legitimate and humane way can qualify. Ask whether your diamond has a certificate. 

Rough Diamonds and Rose Cut Diamonds

I love the Rose Cut and Rough Diamonds.  Their natural beauty and colors are truly unique.   I believe that every diamond coming out of the ground should be tresaured.   Rough diamonds are uncut and will appeal to the woman who likes something a little different. They are more organic and less finished.  Rose cut diamonds are faceted on the surface and flat on the back.  They show off the natural colors of diamonds the best of all cuts.  Brown, yellow, gray, and frosty white are some of my favorite colors.  


Hand Made Diamonds

I am proud to design diamond rings for Diamond Foundry.  These are small batch handmade diamonds and are completely ethical and environmentally friendly made in Silicone Valley with solar power.  These diamonds will come with a GIA cerification. Diamond Foundry is backed by Leonardo Dicaprio who says this:  "I’m proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc.– reducing the human and environmental toll of the diamond industry by sustainably cultivating diamonds without the destructive use of mining.”


Antique diamonds

By choosing an antique diamond you can ensure that your diamond was mined in the days prior to many of the negative issues that we have seen in the diamond industry.  You can also be happy to repurpose an amazing diamond.  The Old Miner and European Cut diamonds are another alternative look to the white multi facetted diamonds.  I can acquire antique diamonds with GIA certification.

Although we have alternative ways of sourcing diamonds, the end result is still the same. Beautiful jewelry that has been designed with you in mind. My jewelry is hand sculpted with clay than cast in FairMined 18 karat Gold, all made with love in Chicago. 

Engagement rings are designed and handcrafted with your choice of diamonds to symbolise being together, every day, forever.

If you’re ready to purchase your engagement ring, either browse my collection of rings or contact me for a bespoke design. 




Thanks, Susan

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